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The Mojave Project is a multi-year transmedia project that will culminate in a traveling exhibition and a four-volume collection of our published field dispatches.

The project will be produced over the next three years providing a platform for our audience to be actively involved during the production process. Through our Field Dispatches combining interviews, reportage and personal journaling supported with still photography, audio and video documentation we are able to provide an innovative format to disseminate our embedded research of the Mojave Desert. We are self-produced and work under no commercial editorial umbrella. In order for us to provide this type of engaged, experimental journalism free to the public a continuous flow of funding is necessary to help support research, development and production of these blog installments.

Your valued tax-deductible donation will directly support production expenses and modest stipends for our speakers. Please join us and support The Mojave Project. We welcome any cash donation large or small.

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Our supporters include: Laraine Turk, Fine Arts Conservation, San Diego State University and Cal Humanities.

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